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    Who Is Woman?


    Jan 7, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff January 7, 2019

    Woman is Many Things Contemporaneously

    The study of woman and the study of motherhood is woefully lacking in the scientific world and we need to have an understanding before it becomes a headache as we fall into ruinous patterns of needs and wants and eventual death.

    What is the spiritual role of a woman? To give birth to Messiahs or gifted individuals or as a bread winner? As a nurturer or as a sexy Mama? How does racists and racism affect African women and other race women? What are the synergies and the dividing effects on the relationships and lives of these women?

    Money and Woman

    Where is money for woman work? She is the widower, the poorest of the poor, the most likely to fall victim to lies, of religion, of man relationship and of money itself. She suffers. She falls prey to mischievous men who takes advantage of her for her own good and evil. Woman is vulnerable from childhood, exposed to abuse early in life yet strong enough to withstand negative effects of the onslaught of many a watered hells.

    Woman faces pantheons and layers of hegemony, authorities called ‘principalities’ of men overheads and come out shivering. Does woman perish?

    Woman gives birth to saviors yet ignored by the very society its supposed to save or image of woman is spoofed either as a sex object or a caricature of mama heaven.

    Highly sexualized image of mothers


    Numerous attempts to discredit women’s mindset and child birth and motherhood as a Woman human being.

    Attempts to discredit religion without knowing who or what women go through child birth and its long term effect on her body, mind and spirit. Woman is continually ignored and cast aside as useless. Woman’s intellect is continually questioned.

    She is accused either as a witch and easily neglected, to fawn over the ‘gifted’ child and left to rot alone. Woman is highly educated but turns into a begger for money to survive.

    Woman And Dignity

    Kantanka hides wife and would not acknowledge or honor her publicly. A typical male chauvinism and need of attention for self and honor, lest he shares the spotlight with her. Her name is Ewurama Serwaa and she is completely out of sight or by her man, Apostle Safo Kantanka. The public’s ignorance of an abused and ignored woman can cause headaches along the way of Kantanka’s rise. Why is she normally not by his side?

    A bloke, Nkoshuohene interviews Kantanka owner’s wife Ewurama Serwaa. Oddly Kantanka does not acknowledge her as existing by him in public. Sept 25, 2018

    Rightly so it will be prudent to ease up on the many ‘prophecies’, singing and dancing to gospel hits and focus attention to industrialization. The first family, Kantanka, is doing just that. They dwell on skill acquisition, education with emphasis on hi-tech, investments in agro-sciences, electronics and good governance though adoptions to nurture future inventors for Ghana.

    Church activities including ‘prophecies’ without action created an endemic poverty. Now there’s a need to pause and be practical, i.e. move away from the theoretical to practicals in unknown sciences and technology. Preachers can begin with research and development, sciences and technology. Be hands-on on a need in tech and teach in churches by experts in the fields. Its time to move forward in thinking emotionally and get down to work in the science and technology. Kantanka is an answered prayer to economic independence and prosperity.

    Its time to change the pastor’s collar to mechanical overalls and boots. The Lord is already the chiefest scientist. The Lord reveals to redeem so get into the sciences to alleviate poverty.

    Partner with China, now the newbie scientist for more scientific discoveries.

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