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    Why Is Leadership Position So Important To Despots?


    Oct 23, 2018
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    Resign or abdicate the throne

    Full extent of the law


    The consular building is ‘considered a sovereign Saudi land but rests within the borders of Turkey.

    The Viernna Convention and other International Rule of Law cannot allow the investigation of such  gruesome murder to be concealed behind the armor of immunity. Turkey will investigate in their land.

    Jamal Khashoggi is a world renounce International Journalist and gives Turkey an international responsibility on his murder. Turkey will follow this matter on behalf of international community as a result of humanity conscientiousness.

    It was a planned operation: Why Were the 15 people with specific qualifications in Istanbul on the day of the murder?

    On Whose orders have these people come?

    Why was the consular building not opened right away and only opened days later? Why have there been so many inconsistent explanations when the murder was clear?

    Why has the body of Khashoggi not be found yet now that his death is announced? They claimed the body of Khashoggi was given to a local Turkish citizen.

    It is the official authority of Saudi Arabia -the Crown Prince and his government

    The perpetrators  and those who ordered the killing must be brought to account

    From now on the King Salman and his princes must be out while international delegation must carry out with no doubt as to who is responsible.

    1. International law 2. Islamic law 3. Saudi Arabian state law

    The ‘adjudication of the hit squad must be tried in Istanbul

    Why does holy country like Saudi Arabia need weapons and guns from a warmonger like the U.S? According to Rand Paul U.S’s unique position, own arms security program for self protection owned by American tax payers, for national defense. The reason for the national security program was the result of 9/11 and the 19 Saudi hijackers into the twin towers. Its either U.S. politicians ‘forgave’ the Saudis or the Saudis have a grand scheme to topple the U.S. and its ‘allies’. Islam teaches hatred of all other religions including judaism, Christianity, Hinduism etc. The Saudis are the main pushers of worldwide terrorism.

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