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    Oct 25, 2018
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    A Twenty First century European Americans hegemony excuses of why whites are rich and most others are poor and what to do about it. Left to some the 10% European America rich people the earth will be dugged up, peeled-off and garbaged all for wealthy-living. A privatized tyrany for the white race and for the few world leaders that benefit from it, like the monarchies in Saudi Arabia and a small petty dictator in Cameroon.  Chantal Biya, president Paul Biya’s wife

    There is an innate culture of white European Americans to exploit and feel inherently good about the system they create over time, as if its a sustainable life style instead of sacrifice of a lot of other peoples.  White European Americans have actually harmed a lot of people in our sphere by their acts of selfishness, meanness, avariciousness and murderous attitude to ethnically cleanse or cause genocide or expulsion of those who love and protect their own resources. Its gone on far too long.  ‘Its for all of us’ is obviously not a good idea. Those closest to the money management at the White House and beyond, win. Those farthest lose.

    Wages remain stagnant for the past 50-60 years while productivity has increased =wage exploitation

    “The stock market is great and consumer confidence is up” – but who owns the stock market? 1) Germanic Bloomberg 2) 84% of the owners of the stock market are the top 10% of wealth. If the stock market is doing well, its not doing well for the average guy, its doing well for those top 10% guys  but if the stock market is not doing well it is not going to do well for the middle class or the impoverished.

    Cenk said the person that rigs the rules are the one that bribes politicians campaign contributions , unadulterated bribery, to maintain power for the economic elite and to keep wages down.

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