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    Year Of Return Fashion Tut: Displaying At Location


    Jul 22, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Wednesday July 22, 2020. *Featured: Wayna World, June 28, 2020, Youtube

    A great look but emphasize on product + quality + price = first sales…The model you use can make or unmake your business…For instance, spend a year on marketing…

    Video: Decor Ideas, June 5, 2019, Youtube

    Try to get the most suitable window dressing to attract customers as soon as possible…

    Video: Victoria Piekut, April 23, 2019, Youtube

    And be fabulousness look which can be classic…

    Video: VH1 Love & Hip Hip, April 6, 2016, Youtube

    Do not get discouraged along the way…aim for the 5 million dollar company you want to build…

    Video: Shelby Church, Feb 14, 2019, Youtube

    Ideologies are priceless so don’t be jealous if someone gets the idea you’ve been craving for…

    1. Change styles every month
    2. Packaging + hygiene should be flawless – especially in dusty streets with flies, antibodies etc yuck πŸ™
    3. Don’t be pettily jealous of those who get the ideal model for their breakthroughs – learn from them or you might get stuck-up, think about them instead of studying your own ideas. Stay away from petty animosities of those who hold those ideas. Simply stop that and listen instead.
    4. How do you raise money if its postponed?
    5. How do you fill the shop with your products? A cause for concern might be knowing some startup investors in your country. Even the government can reject your application for a loan.
    6. Be trustworthy
    7. Dont postpone your dream, ever. Learn by doing. Start small but do something to get you closer to the goal. You will get beaten down, by all means, but you will get there.

    Go for your dream….

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