Year Of Return Fashion Tuts: Cape, Tee, Shorts & Mask

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Yorbing Staff Monday June 29, 2020. *Featured: Cisca Stitches, June 28, 2020, Youtube.

The purpose of these videos is for Black Diasporans to get another alternative to relocate successfully to Western Africa, in case they want to return and need a skill to make them stay and work in the west African market without difficulty.

Video: Cisca Stitches, June 18, 2020, Youtube

Don’t forget face masks…

Video: Kim Dave, March 30, 2020, Youtube

Practice these skills for the duration of your time as you transit back to the continent. The more skills you have, the easier it gets to quickly utilize your skill for self employment.

Video: Kim Dave, April 28, 2018, Youtube

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