Year Of Return Fashion Tuts: Draw Strings & Set-Up

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Yorbing Staff, Tuesday July 7, 2020. *Featured: Xclamations By Tomikas Rotimi, June 12, 2019, Youtube

Do you know how much to make per month when you transit?

Video: Learn To Sew Academy, Dec 14, 2018, Youtube

Below video is a bit slow about getting profit margins in sewing is not clear but please listen to the guestimation of how much to make a month, depending on traffic to your sale-site, in say, Lagos or Accra…is about $155 on a slow day in January.

Video: Top 10 Nigeria, Feb 13, 2020, Youtube

Even with a low budget into your skill set…

Video: StitchAdress, Sept 29, 2019, Youtube

Don’t get into rut when transiting into the markets in whatever interest you have to sell in the African settings…Use the right tools by combing the local big hardware stores in Accra, Lagos etc to stock up…

Video: StitchAdress, Nov 27, 2019, Youtube

Get new information in your specific field of work…

Video: Kim Dave, Aug 11, 2018, Youtube

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