Year Of Return Fashion Tuts: Sell Quality Shoes, Harbor Clothes…

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Yorbing Staff Monday August 10, 2020. *Featured: OhhThatsMo, March 16, 2020, Youtube.

Watch for abuse, ok?….And do not abuse anybody….

Video: Black Femininity TV, June 10, 2020

Some glorious shoes to ogle for buying for your shops..moreover, how to position your stage for demonstrations…

Video: Tamara Kalinic, Jan 5, 2020, Youtube

And play the advice of Dr. Michelle at the background while you work those customers and building those store locations…

Video: Dr. Michelle, Aug I, 2020, Youtube

And a place to stay in Ghana … can you afford these …

Video: Odana Network, Aug 5, 2020, Youtube

Inspiration pre-coronavirus…

Video: Passion For Fashion, March 12, 2020, Youtube

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