Year Of Return Fashion Tuts: Starting A Clothing Brand

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Yorbing Staff Thursday July 9, 2020. *Featured: Sharon Ojong, Feb 14, 2018, Youtube.

The fashion industry is not one particular field brand where you simply float on it, its a wide variety field and you can alway find a niche …Answer these questions in below’s video…

Video: Xclamations By Tomikas Rotimi, Sept 6, 2018, Youtube

1. Look for partners 2. Raise capital 3. Your clothes line must be contracted to professionals, so they get a finished look. The professionals must be locals to cut transportation and unnecessary taxations costs….

Video: Sharon Ojong, May 1, 2018, Youtube

Contemporary mass market idea in the American Diaspora market…

Video: D’Iyanu, Aug 8, 2019, Youtube

You will be surprised what market you might eventually end up in, believe me…Transiting, is not actually the end of your life, its just to keep you safe from those murderers who seek your life…Whatever skill you possess, use it to transit in life … but don’t give up on yourself…

Video: Rwanda Clothing, June 30, 2016, Youtube

Internationally you can play the role that makes you a Diaspora in the first place, eventually your place in the market place will be realized if you don’t give up. Start small with favor and move ….

Video: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), May 11, 2016, Youtube

Open your mind a bit to the sewers in the market and do some Instagram marketing…

Video: Sharon Ojong, May 25, 2020, Youtube

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