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    Year Of Return Fashion Tuts: Word Of A Lesson


    Aug 3, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Monday August 3, 2020. *Featured: Lyn Allure, Jan 19, 2020, Youtube.

    There are many comments I’d like to make on featured video and below’s video concerning my own experiences as a serial investor in my startups but I urge you to watch them and insert your own experiences…

    Video: Jade Darmawangsa, July 24, 2020, Youtube

    First, there are so many types of men workers here in Accra-Tema area that its not funny. Ego-driven, shrill, conniving, ghosters, lemme-me-a-dollar-attitude for the cons. The pros? They open avenues for networking into the core of Accra-Tema business clientele. They can be hard working and go beyond the norm to satisfy and create havens for their kind, in a hostile work environment. The investment can be mind-bogglingly huge but they do it anyway.

    Ghana’s university graduates are a bit better, without the usual lemme-a-dollar-attitude, until maybe 3 months later, where they spring the B.S. on you suddenly. Someone did that, and communication with him became tenuous afterwards. Meaning, they sabotage their own relationship with you a few months later or year or two. Crap.

    Do you approve of this type of stocking your store vs sewing yourself? Well, when China didn’t have problems as now… 🙁

    In Ghana, I tried to employ several people, in an open manner, only to realize that what they are used to doing is unethical to me, eg having a lemme-me-a-dollar attitude, so I was like, what kind of method is this? They said its a socialization process they use for relationships and tenure to new people.

    Video: GlamaZontay, Jun 20, 2019, Youtube

    However, if you don’t make sales, you fail, right? Dont despair, still find ways to make money, as we all are doing…

    Well….! Contemporary millionaires to keep you on your toes….hmmm I’m sooo tired…

    Video: Mr Luxury, Oct 31, 2019, Youtube

    And appear elegant even in the dirt, for dignity and fun…

    Video: Linda Sandrine, April 13, 2020, Youtube

    But halt…! In Ghanaian or Nigerian or even South African societies, when older men date much younger women, its ok but older ladies cannot date younger men. They become totally aware of age differences, which can be totally annoying. Secondly, music business is not play, or a volunteer-service for small fees or even for fun, certainly not.

    Video: Leburugraphy Pictures, July 16, 2020, Youtube

    Ghana, at the ground level, loves creativity but frowns upon creative people. If any of their attitudes is intended to intimidate or stall you, simply brush them off.

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