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    Year Of Return: Focus On What You Want To Do


    Jul 20, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Monday July 20, 2020. *Featured: Daisy’s Wardrobe, July 19, 2020, Youtube.

    For the Year Of Return 2020 & Beyond, take necessary steps to take action on your dream … but also protect your life from ruinous racism in white societies …

    Experientially, you shouldn’t do startups alone, you need partners to help you along to prevent failure. So get a group or 2-4 partners before you can kick-start your project.

    Video: Odana Network, June 23, 2020, Youtube

    Even if you are a musicians, see that music making from a business stand point because you are investing money into it. See yourself as a business-person first before as a musician, got it? Akon says it in 2015 Al Jazeera Interview…Infact I ignored below’s piece for a long time before something clicked.

    Video: Al Jazeera English, Jan 24, 2015, Youtube

    If you are affected by racism, you must divert and invest somewhere else, for example, 10 years is a long time for a Black graduate’s resume to be ignored. Not only that, 10 years means you have zero income and zero in the bank.

    Solar energy is still in deep demand. When you arrive on the continent of Africa, you cant help but feel the huge, endless challenge, so dont just come to say Ghana or Nigeria or Sierra Leone. See the need first and if its within your capability, manufacture or service that need. Settle FAST.

    In order to contribute to the Africa’s market, a prospector might not want to lose his or her standard of living, in other words, you better love what you are working on because its mostly a vocation you might be working on or a service rendered. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride for sure but subjected to dedication because online sales will not give you, the entrepreneur, much leverage, as you might have thought and that’s a secret online businesses do not like to share. There are winners and losers in sales online. Some online businesses might not make a single sale for a whole year, irrespective of the money poured in.

    You might not be smiling smugly if sale is zero for a year and a half, unless you’ve been brought up in a safe, stable environment with a stable family setting and support, like safe housing, good home, good schools, or professional parents. Your family can team together, irrespective of shortcomings within the family dynamics, to support and boost you up in case you fall short of your self first, due to difficulties in finding partners or things or a painful, outright reject of you, in that sense.

    Dont overlook the conversation, please listen if you like. Video: Forbes, Feb 6, 2020, Youtube

    Something that might have occurred to harm you can actually make things better and force you to work beyond your state. Be positive even if the situation works against you. Read more.

    Thank your family for giving you the necessary financial support, a stable home environment, the educational merits for inventive capitalist economy, to do well in your endeavors. Lastly that Adonai for his insightful ideas and talks to lead you to the most critical junctures in your business journey so you dont fail miserably.

    Watch out for Ghanaians’ work attitude, they can be ego-centric, proud, stubborn, rebellious and sedated with cultural norms. In other words, they do not take ‘instructions’ from anyone because mathematically, Ghanaian schools are very very poor performing compared to other developed economies, irrespective of the warmth they exhibit at first week of meeting, they ghost spectacularly to meetings and think its attack on them or their personality. However, you detect a muffled blindsidedness in them, to their own detriment and shame.

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