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    Year Of Return: Frustrations …Aaaah…!


    Aug 21, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Friday August 21, 2020. *Featured: Yorbing Editor, Isabel Cofie, Aug 20, 2020. Check Out Our Youtube Channel & Subscribe and Like Us, pretty please…Wanna Help..? Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to help us grow, pretty pleease

    When you finally set up for business, get ready to encounter these personalities in Ghanaian and Nigerian societies…

    Video: Chloe_, Aug 13, 2020, Youtube

    But dont despair, so are your own brothers to others…because they are still there, striving, as underclass in their world to be notorious. These will attract their own kind, play hard cool, hard to get, to fall for …to unsuspecting, busy you. Dont be too desperate or waste time on these even if they ghost to pull off your heart strings…they hurt and are scared too. Remember, ghosting is bullying you which they choose indefatigably to control you from a distance. And prevent you from going into their social groups, lest you snitch on them. Or worse still, you report a gossip to betray them. So ghosting might have some intention to isolate or inculcate a mode of behavior. An observation like this statement: “They lie at a drop of a hat and attend clubs surreptitiously to hunt for loose-end chicks. Dont be like them.” will reinforce and justify their ghosting behavior to add value to their lives, not yours, so that their rank will rise in their group settings. Observation: Ghanaians are terrified of gossipers, so dont be one.

    Ghosting is like a web of information, a modern phenomenal attitude, intended to unfollow a dislike. It is an aspersion. Kind of like a whistle-blowing snitcher’s punishment, first, preemptively, for an expected result to an outcome, as a returnee to Ghanaian society. Mind you, Ghanaian women are terrified of our influences and hold a HUGE grudge against new-comers. Ghanaians are polygamous with TONS of side chicks. They DO NOT PRACTICE chastity, even though they dread it. For example, a migrant Nigerian lady to Tema, scampered to her husband to give him a strong warning when her husband and I were discussing business – real estate allocation for my online shop, MetaMetroNY.com. Of course they ghosted immediately after, leaving me stranded.

    Ghosting is intended to humiliate you. Ghanaians have a strong Lemme-A-Dollar attitude, a vast, deeply-held behavior across board, to excoriate cash from someone, especially foreigners, ‘Burgers’, Been-too, Diasporans, Whites, Indians, Arabs etc…For example, a developing relationship can turn sour due to them Lemme-A-Dollaring you. During the Lockdown in March, a guard apocalypsically, broke into my shed on my land and stole my things because he wanted money. An Uber driver, after grocery shopping for him out of concern, (then the next day) returned the favor by over-charging me of Gh 250 + $3 to a short distant. Another robbed me out of a $300. Another male, $200…and many, many more…Another broke vehicle agreement by coming back for it the very next day, leaving me stranded.

    Who have time to study these when you are busy working and might be already hooked-into this issue..? Ask the Lord to lead you…

    Do you face resistance …? A beady-eyed competitive attitude towards you..?

    Video: Daniel Aly, Dec 9, 2019, Youtube

    Dont ignore these dangerous signs but neither hold back on giving to your enemies more, because the more you give, the more you get…that’s a strength mean-fisted people do not have and might hold peace and love from you if it gives you happiness.

    Video: Evan CarMichael, Oct 20, 2018, Youtube

    I once worked at a bank that my co-workers undermined me, lashed out and stole from me so I could not balance and ended up being let go. The reason being, that I wore an unauthorized jeans to work on a Friday when I shouldn’t.

    Ghana feels different anytime I visit. The citizens are more reserve, unhappy, suspicious and shuttered down. Ghanaians are not really open, they protect their privacy, most fiercely. Because some are greedy and afraid to give.

    Video: Daniel Ally, June 17, 2020, Youtube.

    And dont be difficult to be with…always empathize …

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