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    Yorbing Staff Thursday Aug 20, 2020. *Featured: Pinterest.com Art By KhanT Designs, Spreadshirt.com ‘Zoe Kravitz Beastie Boys T-shirt’, [accessed Aug 19, 2020].

    …So you can actually say, “its not my job to make you realize that you are a f**king moron…”

    Video: Kelly Stamps, June 9, 2020, Youtube

    I just want a little piece of the Ghana market pie, however, Ghanaians turned out to be active listeners to our modern day strategies for American business strategies (without communicating…like China’s ) to make us realize how moronic we, American diasporans are..? Some use criticism of our mores by ghosting thinking they are practicing American strategies, when it should rather be an open communication. Ghanaians love kindness but they are suspicious of it. For example, giving Baby Showers at the office for an expectant colleague-mother is valued…these are some of the mores I learnt in American society and not sneaky dishonesty ghosting. Maybe a potential client might be suspicious that as an American Black, I might be harboring some vice in my character because I seem too nice to be true. What many Ghanaians or Nigerians would not realize is that, Black America are highly motivating forces and are straight-shooters with no strings attached. Ghanaian ghosts ostracize you without thinking. They despise the very thing that they copy from American culture, make it their own then turn back to spoof at you…you go, “WTF…?” Without basis or any background check at all, except this deep-seated stereotyping, bias, fear of Black America trending in Ghanaian business and relational spheres that Black Americans are ‘Niggas’. It breaks my heart. For example, a trusted friend started ghosting and I had no idea he held a belief system against me. For example, loose character, no mores, dirty, smelly, unattractive, Black, tribal, dishonest with money, movie characterization etc…

    They talk like us, study, exclaim and mock our deepest pains – our citizenship. They think they do us a favor by pointing these “facts” to us by actively ghosting, to show their disapproval of who we’ve been shaped into becoming, and yet they emulate us. Moreover some of them are simply great with simple faith – a Moslem told me, ‘give all your crisis/problems to the LORD, who is the judge of us all”…he did not charge me a cent for service done. Those who mistreat us think we hold some secret agenda to destroy or take away their livelihood so they back off relationships, business transactions, oral agreements, social media connections, etc…

    Mental health-wise, I have both daymares and nightmares because Ghanaian ghosters string you along, with no promise or assurance of a positive feedback. For example, that make me backpedal on the Aflao Road in Dawenya streets, desperate for a place to work and play. On Friday nights, I feel the sting of solitude and dead boredom.

    Bored to tears so I chat with a house cat. Video: Yorbing.com, Aug 2, 2020, Youtube

    For some reason, some Ghanaians ghost so they can wield you into their sociopathic world – its a pretty anti-social behavior-where you must reveal your age-status (a must) before they start calling you the baleful ‘auntie’ or ‘madam’, as if its not hurtful enough, the men call-label you ‘that woman’.

    From now on the expected reaction to their insults must be different. 1. Don’t give anything away 2. Imitate their ghosting habits 3. mislabel them, as in ‘boy’, ‘akwadaa’ (child), 4. stay away 5. don’t feed (however you can be kind – they frown on kindness for some weird reason and pay you back harshly) 6. Empathize but know your position as to what they crave for, dont give it. I remember that they snoop around even in my lingerie cabinet. As if they want you harmed in a sexual way, for some strange reason. They want to rough you up to retain their position over you.

    7. Just google or Youtube your information to be free of ghosting…because you will never know why they ghost you in the first place. Its Perjoration on you.

    8. Remember Blackism have some negative connotations in Ghanaian societies, including male supremacy over women -sexism, in which the ladies and foreigners suffer discrimination en-mass.

    9. Beware, you lose contracts, building agreements, prime locations rental etc just because of your neutrality. In Ghanaian society, you are a fool to give gifts, so ask permission before you give or do not give at all because their pastors say to receive only and not to give.

    10. Low viewage of your channel page might discredit you, but continue to build it anyhow.. Solve it, if you can. 11. Dress appropriately by covering up – they stare. 12. Dont be equal to them – they will trash you, somehow -they are deeply and culturally rude. 13. They are emotionally quick tempered, impatient and look down upon exhibitionism of niceness, with suspicion. 14. Be you, be beautiful. 15. have quality, trendy products for them to envy. 16. Hold onto your college training and never give it up, not even for all the cows in Texas…humph..! 16. Focus on making money, remember, there are few people who are the light of the world. 17. Remember opportunities are scarce in Ghana but endlessly optimism makes it impossible not to come back to it. 18. Dont worry, you are highly creative but needs a bit of a polish because of fierce competition. 19. Keep your cool, share your ideas and compliment as a peer. 20. Nobody can steal from you because you’re a sitting tomb full of dead-men’s bones, I mean infos on Yoast, google, WhatsApp etc so that Ghanaians won’t feel you’ve cheated them out of their country’s heritage. 21. Dont panic, this is not your average New York or London or Berlin.

    Well, welcome to racism in Ghana. Ghanaians in turn must…a) need someone in their lives because we are rich in character, Jesus said, ‘one greater than Solomon is here..’ and it is starkly true. b) try to understand our naivetism which we mask with bravado attitude. c) watch social media but respect our basic etiquettes d) learn the differences between Black Americans and stop snooping, springing up surprises to startle us.

    I’m out.

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