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    Year Of Return Tuts: Focus No Matter What


    Aug 18, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Tuesday August 18, 2020. *Article: Isabel Cofie.[Pinterest.com, By Eladio Dominguez [accessed Aug 18, 2020]]

    Do you want to focus on boyfriend/girlfriend lovey dove shit stuffs or do you want to focus on your purpose in life and for life? Manya Israel is a dazzling example of a purpose driven life by stable parenthood for a lifetime. She does not dwell on how cute her facial structure is, enamored by how physically attractive her face is, but rather her purposeful role, charted out for her, by her own upbringing which allows her to stabilize and be productive, instead of being a babe mama or daddy at an early age.

    Video: Manya Israel, Feb 11, 2020, Youtube

    Even if your parent put you in a purpose driven trade and not typically in an educational setting, try to accomplish the purpose-driven trade whether you like it or not because it shapes your life of a lifetime. Beware you dont become a flitterer. I struggled in life and became almost purposeless and became late in everything because my parents were indulged in endless ruinous love affairs, including sex-dramas. They opted for factory work, petty trading, love battles and fell into ruinous poverty. Then died early.

    Dont be like my parents. Stick to your purpose and drive it home even if you dont like it. Its better to be purpose driven than looking for love, boyfriend, endless romances etc…you will die early and become poor. You will suffer.

    Its purpose that will save your life, not money. Purpose first, training in purpose, staying in purpose, result in purpose, success in purpose then money. Then stability then God’s blessing.

    Wear suits, high heels, sexy dresses to attract men or women, accessories etc to be fine looking or hot or whatever…its all fine, except that without that purpose, you will end up sleeping with thousands of people without fulfillment. Moreover, you will end up in a poor house slum somewhere ghetto.

    Your idea and skill is critical, in which without them you fail, miserably, in your quest for money. Of course unless you want to hustle with the market vendors and service them. Get a skill within self-sufficient industries to boost your income, like sewing, art and graphic designs, soaps, body-creams, hair products etc..to complement technology or engineering or even teaching, banking…you know what I mean.

    Just add your own accounting etc…

    Video: Manya Israel, July 2, 2020, Youtube

    Ms Manya Israel advices that your best friend should be google. I agree with her. A lot of people practice hooliganism long before anyone comes into the scene, forgetting that those who succeed had better parents who purposed them in a stabilized situation to be respected by others who knew them.

    Being a nerd, is the sexiest sexpot ever. If people are pejorative towards you, dont worry too much because you are purpose-driven.

    Its not really an age-ridden issues (as some might belief) because some of the African males and females can be so crass and disrespectful about your achievements, pejoratively but take heart, we learned things everyday.

    Yorbing is setting up a Youtube channel, to worker harder, unashamedly, to make money with original contents and get better with tenure, until further notice. Two, cultivate sewing skills for our own design brand to last a lifetime and beyond. This will be done without the threatening attitude of some family members who tend to sway us from our purpose-driven entrepreneurship lifestyle. Dont feel condemned because we learn everyday. Third, work on music brand because new music trends pop up everyday, with greater skills and fantastic tech to boost. Fourth, write books but dont let those publishers cheat you out of an income.

    Purpose have layers nowadays – purpose: parental guide and stability, education/skills training (not a smooth road here, in fact, its one of the most bitterly fought-over phenomenon in quest), vigilance, perseverance, self-respect. Protection and security, environmentally aware, googlables, and dont rush. Dont be uncomfortable, just relax. Because we learn everyday.

    In Ghanaian society, assembling simple structures with Ikea tools or simply working a car engine is deeply genderized. Women should force to build, contemporaneously, to kill off stereotypes and flawed male chauvinism with deeply held belief, pejoratively, that women cannot do what men can do in an industry.

    Go figure. I’m suffering. Shit.

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