• Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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    Yorbing Staff Thursday August 13, 2020. *Featured: Pinterest, RedBubble Print By Nadira Simone, ‘Janet Jackson-Poetic Justice‘ [accessed Aug 13, 2020].

    We are preparing to start making our own YouTube contents to finally make money on our own production. We hope to bring you relevant information so stay glued with expectations….

    Meanwhile, Ghana’s weather can be pretty harsh, dusty and dry your skin when you wash your hands too frequently because of unhygienic environments…so do below treatment on your body, if ever …

    Video: Sneha S, May 2, 2019, Youtube

    Eat plenty of fruits as you hunt for a place to settle…Yorbing Staff is at Tema during Isa Bella Bellow Gospel Music rehearsal for her upcoming hit album, now playing on radios in Ghana especially in Accra Tema metro areas…

    Video: Yorbing.com, Aug 1, 2020, Youtube

    And then watch out for habits that does not make you money…Be structured and highly focused on your success by your budget…Make your own quality contents on Youtube for cash so you can make a decent living, no matter what…

    Video: Breeny Lee, Aug 9, 2020, Youtube

    Make sure your relationships are workable and dont fall for pejorative behavior from Ghanaians … especially watch out for these behaviors when it is exhibited to you during your process of transitioning within the Accra Tema markets in Ghana or elsewhere…

    Video: VocabularyHelp – Learn English Words With Meaning, May 5, 2006, Youtube

    Dont forget to do some foot massage for your ravagesd soul…

    Video: GlowPink, Aug 10, 2019, Youtube

    S’thing, s”thing to tighten that sagging skin…stay blessed and safe as always….

    Video: EuniUnni, July 30, 2020, Youtube

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