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    Year Of Return Tuts: Those Hidden Women In Ghana, Woah…!😳🙀


    Aug 7, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Friday August 7, 2020. *Featured: Empressive, Aug 5, 2020, Youtube

    What do you think about the featured video..? Anyhow, speaking of competition …

    Apart from women workers in a real estate office, a heavy equipment office lobby, or a hair salon, high maintenance women in Accra Tema are virtually hidden. They can be high-brow, hen-pecking, bitch-as-it-comes women, OMG! They are difficult to deal with. Personally, I’m terrified of Black women.

    Video: Karine Alourde, April 29, 2020, Youtube

    Ghanaian women are conditioned to depend on a man’s money, for men to ghost on a date or relationship, bar none, Karine says, while some women teach other women to excoriate cash from men, to compliment their wages.

    The men can turn, to a feminine strategists to excoriate and teach each other to excoriate, using the feminine side. Ghosting means changing positions in tenderized roles to gain advantage or headway. Ghanaian communities accept this code of conduct as a way forward in any relationship. Money is a highly anticipated gesture, for charity and as an act of obligation of a need or want, given or taken in a situation.

    For a Black, in general, you are considered a low maintenance (woman) and sex-pots high-maintenance. For a low maintenance woman, the men do not even bother to return calls or book for a date. They won’t even see the need to date you, its an annoyance and a bother, to be seen or talk with you. Sorry, but even if you see yourself as high maintenance, television imagery disputes that fact and degrades women to witches and market women status.

    A women, in Ghanaian men’s concept, is not equal, no matter what, someone once told me, ‘you dont respect’. They are ageists and sexist to the core. Period. Once I heard a comment, ‘wow, you are hard‘…

    Me at AirBnB Miotso, Prampram. Image: Yorbing.com, Aug 6, 2020. I used a Google Pixel 5.

    The men might have a vice but cover it up or not, depending on a situation. However, men wants a modicum of mystery where they can search up on social media to investigate who is or who is not. Then we will all blow hot or blow cold, whichever. So men’s insecurities might include high educational level, your age, your job, your investments etc.

    The mandate might be the most important, but for you, its about …what…?

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