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A little dose of advice:

And how mass cookie-cutter market t shirts are made in a factory? The industry holds information pretty close to their chest and wouldn’t divulge much in an open discussion. Is it about cotton and slavery? Its more of a take-over industry, a little sensitive subject, as always, in America trade systems.

The industry managed to successfully disguised the strong beginning of industrial cotton manufacturing and its industrialization in the Americas and how Europeans and Asians controlled it for their own profit. How it turned from plantation growing to this full-blown mass sewing, both in California, central America and Asia is interesting. It is held well away from the originators of the industry, African Americans ex-slaves, who should have been right owners to continue a great legacy. We need to look a bit closer and exam this travesty, in its proper context, without hard feelings that tend to rise up in people immediately a phenomenon if industrial proportions are mentions. Keep cool heads and lets talk about this: what the hell happened? Why are African Americans not owning the mass market industry they begun in and why do we see European-Asians or Europeans? Or maybe it might have simply grown out of the grasp of African American cotton farmers themselves, into the hands of unsuspecting heroes of the industry. Let’s examine it, shall we?

Fashion designers might wonder why they need to slowly and properly cultivate their skill while those in mass market cut everyone to the market and stay to wreck it. Its smacked of impatience. The items look floppy and not well designed and thoughtlessly produced with a healthy dose of greed.

Bella Canvas cuts out schooled fashion designers to bring their mass-made produce into the market. Its difficult to gauge how they do it but obviously tags Hanes, Alstyle or whoever it is to stay in the t shirt mass market business. The best advice to either sew the t shirt or custom make it, to your taste and training. The industry is just another rude way to undercut and undermine credible well designed outfits for people at a reasonable price. Mind you, the tshirts are expensive to make and produce but they find a way to cut prices. See here for a customized version of Bella Canvas.

All said and done, its a niche market that people thrive in. Dive in if you must. Get prepared to be making money for those already manufacturing the massive heaps. T shirt making has a strong male following and I dont blame them a whit. They should roll with it.

The mass market has found a way to block creativity.

Not only that, while Black indigenous populations might bemoan the most disadvantageous slavery-era and its economic disasters for Africans worldwide, Euro-Arab-Asian trade bonds continue unabated and grown into the towering trade giants today. All trade shows are dominated by the very same groups, The Material Show UK, Freudenberg; The UBM Magic Shows, Nevada; NBM Shows; Textiles shows-The Agenda Show and TexWorld Show; and European and Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India shows etc. A consistent trade shows and vast, historic networks that has continued to this day. Its not abating soon because its a marinated union of Europe-Asia-Arab world, forever. That is why they are strong and not going anywhere, anytime soon. The recent “Silk Road’ leads strategically to UK and whites have access to Asia through the backdoor of the Pacific ocean.

Its hard to fathom but the unfortunate ‘native America’ and land grabs are the very same trade unionists -Asian-European-Arab players in the world trade systems. The strategic exclusion of Africa as a backward ‘ignore’ is a system snobbery mastered by Asians and Europeans-Arabs. Its a known fact and Africans lay at the core of a devastating losing battle against its own economy, resources and especially, its people. No wonder Trump called it ‘shithole countries’.

So while you bemoan ‘slave and slavery’, the instigators happily marry, trade, and get rich together. Whatever that is.

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