• Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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    It looks as if the government of Zimbabwe did not have the grasp of the meaning of the Medium of Exchange – the Zim dollar. It seems there is nothing to back it and it seem worthless. Its even surprising that this item existed in market in the first place. Maybe markets outside Zimbabwe were not trading with them much. Mind you, the Zim dollar in appearance is gorgeous but worthless, why?

    People didn’t help Zimbabweans and Mugabe certainly didn’t help matter. His idiocy caused the worthless Notes including sanctions for so long. Africa should have stepped in and help their neighbor. I recommend the Zimbabwe dollar be revamped using Ghana’s moel for development. I would rather Zimbabwe trade in Yuan China’s currency for now than US dollars. Ditch the dollar, its can indeed be worthless, considering the Financial crashes contagion from Wall Street. Its time for a new leaf. if China is playing the trade trump card, we are all watching.

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