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    Zimbabwean Questions the Harshness of African Life Environment


    Sep 26, 2018
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    So this guy questions the harsh societal environment of an African country , Zimbabwe resonate with lots of aspirants who have talent or have invested heavily in their lives, “all I ever wanted was to just invest in myself, in my talents, in my things,…a happy meaningful life, but the purpose, my purpose”. “It looks as if you’ve not achieved anything for yourself ” (after so many attempts, you still fall back) in a crumbling economy and limited opportunities. It is also frustrating in an economy that does not acknowledge the depth of unemployment and financial ruin of many. The governments that are supposed to watch over us economically, ruin us. Who do you turn to?

    For some, money might be available but how do you get it in right dosage to help you out? We know its manufactured, its channeled to come in certain ways, through work and wages. So you must have talents that calls for wages that is good enough for sustanance. We are not in the banking sector, (too many are competing fiercely for it, in its capacity), we have become spectators as other perform in their ability and take the place of the masses, performing and you lay shattered, not knowing what to do. Banks far away crash the “economy”, you are in your corner suffering. A victim.

    An overwhelming sense of idleness, dreaded situation that threatens your worth.

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